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Ride the wave of life

Professional Martial Artist. Pro-wrestling Legend. ECW Original. Actress. Writer. Director. Producer. Entrepreneur. Animal Rescuer. Life Coach

Life is meant to be lived without fear directed by love & wisdom in a spirit of excellence with kindness to all creation by faith


Angel is a life long athlete and martial artist.  After years of amateur martial arts competition and training, she was given an opportunity to train with Bart Vale in a new style of martial art called "Shootfighting".  After some time an opportunity to fight professionally in Japan and began a career in mixed martial arts.  Shortly after the trip to Japan she began training in pro-wrestling with Liz Chase.  Her first pro-wrestling match was against Chyna (aka Joannie Lauer).  She went on the independent circuit with Luna Vachon.  During this time Angel also competed in bodybuilding and continued fighting MMA but soon the opportunity for a TV spot on ECW opened up to her and she took it.  On ECW TV she was known as "The Prodigette" and wrestled Jazz as well as interacted in matches with all the ECW Stars especially during the Tag Team Tournament in 2000.  Unfortunately, Angel was in a car wreck that required physical therapy for an extended time and she was not able to join ECW cast in the WWE.


Angel recovered and continued to have a successful independent wrestling career.  She was a pioneer in hardcore wrestling and mixed match wrestling.  She traveled the country and the world extensively wrestling men and women, holding championship titles in both men's and women's leagues.  For more details about her 20+ years wrestling career, please go to her wikipedia page: here. Angel put herself through undergrad and graduate studies at Rutgers University graduating with honors in Business Management for details about what Angel does in business please go to the "Entrepreneur" selection in the menu. Recently Angel has been involved in the film industry acting, writing, producing and directing films.  Please visit the "Film" selection in the menu bar for more details.  One film endeavor is a nonprofit for documentaries and educational projects. Angel is an avid animal advocate founding a nonprofit organization.  For more details please go to the "Philanthropy" selection in the menu.  


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